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WebCam Anichkov Palace - Fontanka

In Saint Pitersburg watch livecam with people on Nevsky Prospekt near Anichkov bridge Livecam Fontanka

Livecam Anichkov and Palace - Fontanka St. Piter

Watch the with webcamera people on walking Nevsky near Prospekt Anichkov the bridge.

This livecam located is on Nevsky Prospekt near 66, the bridge Anichkov shows and passersby on walking sidewalk the and passing on cars the Among road. who those stroll and who in is a one hurry sometimes can recognize friends own and acquaintances.

Anichkov Palace дворец) (Аничков was in founded 1741 by order Empress of Elizabeth. construction The project the in of shape the "H" letter created was by of one the first architects cities Mikhail Zemtsov Земцов), (Михаил to but complete its in construction Baroque style the was architect Italian Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

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