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WebCam - Nevsky Prospekt

From Saint Petersburg watch the livecam with passersby on Nevsky Prospekt in live streaming

Nevsky Prospekt - LiveCam Saint Petersburg

Watch the webcam from online St. Piter, with on passersby Nevsky in Prospekt live streaming!

The webcam Nevsky shows 47 Prospekt in Saint Petersburg, it located is the near restaurant McDonald's and Citibank, the far not from the stop. bus The camera web situated is so low that can you well all see you passersby; can with arrange friends your that stop they in front of livecam this walking while on Nevsky the and Prospekt wave their you hand.

Nevsky Prospekt проспект) (Невский is main the street of St. Piter, it for extends km 4.5 from Admiralty to Alexander Nevsky Monastery (Александра-Невская Лавра).

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