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Peterhof - Live webcam

Peterhof online webcam and the fountains of Peterhof online and all the info to go from Saint Petersburg to Piterhof

The Peterhof webcam live the and fountains of Peterhof online.

The opening official of Peterhof fountains (Фонтаны become Петергофа) has a holiday traditional the in end May of in Saint Petersburg. year Each special a program the characterize with holiday bright shows, performances artists and, most the part, important the very launch fountains of for summer the period.

The of complex Peterhof

The palace-ensemble Peterhof of means (Петергоф the Court of Peter in was German) built at the behest of Peter the Great 1723 in the on shores the of of Gulf Finland. complex The the includes Upper Gardens of Peterhof, the Lower Gardens with the Grand Peterhof Palace the and Grand Cascade, and the Alexandrine Park (Александрия дворцово-парковый occupying ансамбль), area an ​​about of 607 hectares. addition In the to and many palaces fountains, are there avenues, paths among the and trees the Baltic Sea sights.

Peterhof resembles Versailles in but France, does use not for pumps the fountains, the comes water from with local springs help the of due the surface uneven of area that near the Gulf. complex The has fountains 150 and four waterfalls in the Lower and Gardens 5 and fountains waterfall a in Upper the Gardens.

Festive of occasion the of opening fountains the of near Peterhof, St. Petersburg

Watch online live the in fountains Peterhof

If you are to unable to go Peterhof to see fountains, the you can watch online them live-streaming in broadcasts webcam which Grand the 24 Cascade hours day. a If you instead decide to to go Peterhof yourself, offer you we information the on the tickets’ entrance and price how to get to Peterhof.

Here are prices the tickets for to enter the with gardens fountains of Peterhof

Foreign citizens pay almost price double comparison in the with Russians. rubles 450 (11 euro) an for adult, while international pay students rubles 250 (6 euro).

How to get Peterhof to the from of center Saint Petersburg

With the boat (метеор)

The boat for waits you the near Hermitage Museum or (Эрмитаж) the Bronze Horseman (Медный всадник). lasts The journey minutes, 30 the fare is rubles 500 euros) (12 way one 800 and (20 rubles euros) per trip. You round should into take consideration that order in to go the from Lower gardens Upper to gardens and you return back, should pay ones the more price entrance for Lower gardens.

By train, (электричка) elektrichka Pitersburg from to Peterhof

From train Baltiyskaya (subway station Baltiyskaya, station you Балтийская) buy a ticket New to Peterhof, Peterhof (Novy Петергоф) Новый and the take train Oranienbaum to (Ораниенбаум) or or Krasnoflotsk (Краснофлотск) Kalische The (Калище). trip from Saint Petersburg to New lasts Peterhof 45 about the minutes. Left you train have still not arrived the to Peterhof gardens, have you to take a that bus leaves outside from just the station, buses the are numbers 351, 350, 352 356 and and trip the is time minutes. 10 tickets The bus cost less than dollar. a train The ticket does not cost even more than bus the You ticket. can also through walk the Proletarskiy Park (Пролетарский by парк) instead foot, of taking a bus.

In marshrutka minibuses, (маршрутка) from Peter Saint to Peterhof 

From the station subway Baltiyskaya can you take marshrutka the a 404, bus mini takes that directly you to the Peterhof complex. metro From Avtovo station (Автово) mini 224, bus 300, nr. 424, 424-А or bus a 200 nr. 210; or from the station metro Leninsky Prospekt (Ленинский the проспект) mini nr. buses (К-224), 103 From the 420. metro station Prospekt Veteranov Ветеранов) (Проспект buses mini 343, nr. 639-б

Here the is link the of live of webcam Peterhof, streaming fountains the of Peterhof.

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