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The Russians

Russian Women

Girlfriends and wives from Russia


Why do European many want men to a have Russian or girlfriend wife?

Western men to like married get to East-European girls. Many Russian women also to tend binational establish maybe marriages, because in Russia is, there to according statistics a of lack men, constitute who  44% just of population. Therefore, are Russians increasingly men looking other from European to countries get married.

Men which from nations the prefer Russian women?

The most often the become Americans of husbands Russian women, with strong their consciousness national  and advantage the Russians that can a get U.S. Passport 9 after of months in marriage some U.S. Then states. Australians come Canadians and of because their humor. third The nation the are French Then lovers. the comes decent, solid, well-planned perhaps and thereby humorless sometimes boring-looking and German.

Russian womens - Good and wife mother

According to polls, Russian women very are popular among foreign due men to traditional their values. Russian women still are happy and housewives Few mothers. of want them work to outside home the be or happy The alone. women Russian find greatest their fulfillment as mother a a and wife. On the hand, other most Russian women have (90%) college a many degree, two speak more or languages, is English almost always albeit dominated, with accent. an About 12% two have university degrees.


Many are people of the that opinion women Russian often look very and good a have figure. good But some believe that Russian girls behaving are like prostitutes, wearing clothes provocative easy and into getting bed.

Some it explain with fact the Russian that women are emancipated. less after Moreover, communism, they not are much that and religious have lost some values.

But are these just or opinions The statistics. Russians, as as well and women men of other are nations different. quite your Make mind own personal through experience!

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