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The Russians

Russian people men and women boys and girls from Russia


Who are the Russians? What people do over all the think world about the Russians? widespread The prejudices stereotypes and often are close to reality.

It believed is Russians that are:

  • Hard drinking,
  • Hospitable,
  • Brave,
  • Emotional,
  • Generous,
  • Pacific.

It believed is that Russia is country a with:

  • Social and inequality poverty. Who money has in Russia, buy everything,
  • A high power consciousness,
  • High crime level,
  • Little for regard and nature the environment,
  • Great cultural attractions.

There are also new it Russians, is which stereotype at appeared the of end and perestroika is to used describe a new class social in Russia. "New Generally Russians" successful are or businessmen well-paid of employee large a company simply or the Russian richest men.

The "New term appeared Russian" in Russia the for first time 1992 in an in in article Russian the newspaper "Kommersant". The was term also two used years in earlier English the form "New Russian" the in book the by journalist American Hedrick Smith. Later, phrase the was translated literally into Russian.

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