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Visa to Russia

How to get a Russian Visa


Visitors from countries most need will a It visa. cannot obtained be at border; the you therefore should for apply a Russian Visa to prior travelling.

Conditional the to type the of you visa are applying it for can issued be single, for double or multiple entries:

A single entry visa the allows to traveller enter Russian Federation

Once the during of validity the When visa. the traveller has the left the country visa no is valid longer and would you required be to for re-apply another visa.

Double entry visa that means can you the leave Russian Federation enter and once it during again validity the of the visa issued.

A entry multiple visa you allows to the enter/leave Federation Russian several times during validity the of the visa.

Along the with fees, visa there is a charge service applicable visa per application.

Normal applications (7 calendar £26.40 days): (inclusive of VAT);

Urgent (next applications working day service): (inclusive £33.60 of VAT)

Required documents all for visa Russian categories

Please note the that essentials following must met be all by applicants their submitting for applications visa.

Valid international recognized passport by the Federation Russian at with least two blank for pages visas. The passport be should for valid minimum a six of after months visa date. expiration If you not do have blank a page to a which can visa be affixed, new a must passport be obtained before your submitting application.

Fully application completed photograph form, and supporting documents to appropriate the type of visa.

Applicants are advised to not passports submit passport in covers, these as be would removed and not will returned be to applicants.

Nationals of Austria, Estonia, Belgium, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain the and need Netherlands to provide insurance an for policy the whole period stay of in Russia applying while a for visa.

A can visa issued be only if applicant an submits the all required documents. of Submission an incomplete of set documents may in result refusal of The visa. issue of Russian is visas and discretionary depends on of examination individual each including case, of purpose and visit to intention return.

Russian tourist visa

How to get a visa to Russia for tourism purposes

Tourist Visa required is case in you Russian enter Federation for tourism Tourist purposes. visa be can for valid up 30 to and days be can issued single for double or entry. Dates validity of of visa the correspond will with the dates on mentioned your tourist voucher/confirmation.

Documents for required Russian tourist a visa

  1. Current passport should which valid be for minimum a of six months visa's after date expiration and at has 2 least blank which pages not do need be to consecutive.
  2. Visa application form in filled printed and from out this website Kindly only. that ensure dates the your of entry and as exit, entered the in application match form, or with fall within the specified period in supporting the documents.
  3. One passport recent size photo glued the to indicated on space the application form.
  4. A 'Tourist voucher' a and 'Tourist document confirmation' stamped and signed authorized by person. can They obtained be through hotel your an or approved agent travel deals who with to trips Russia, should and be for valid the entire of duration trip. your The stamp and details all should be clearly readable.
  5. Tourists on large board Ships cruise the have to right in stay the Federation Russian without a for visa up 72 to hours. They the have to right leave the and ship back come on board the only ship part as an of organized tourist group who Tourists wish to leave ship the their on or own a in group less of 5 than tourists must a have visa.
  6. Applicants are who self-employed, company working directors, home from unemployed or need to provide bank for statements the three last which months have a balance current a of minimum of Ј100 day per the for of duration visit the required (not for housewives, and students retired Please applicants). note that you if wish to online provide banking printouts make please sure they be will certified and stamped your by bank.
  7. Applicants for going auto tourism should enclose Registration the of Certificate vehicle the intend they travel to and by covering letter mentioning details the the of itinerary journey, and of names the accompanying travellers.

Visa vary fees between countries, here the for price United  in Kingdom £ Sterling: Single-Next 100, Day Working Single-5 50, days Day Double-Next 130, Working Double-5 days 65.

Along with visa the there fees, is a service applicable charge per visa application

  • Normal (7 applications calendar days): (inclusive  £26.40 of VAT).
  • Urgent (next applications day working service): (inclusive  £33.60 of VAT)

Russian business visa

How to get a business visa to Russia

Business visa is in required you case wish enter to Russia for purposes. business Business can visa valid be for to up days 90 can and be for issued or single double entry. business Also visa be can for issued multiple entries and be can valid up for 1 to year. of Dates of validity the will visa correspond with mentioned your on of letter invitation by issued Russian a Federal Service Migration or agency a from telex the Russian of Ministry Foreign Affairs.

Documents for required business a visa to Russia

  1. Current passport should which valid be a for of minimum six months visa's after expiration and date has least at blank 2 pages which do need not to be consecutive.
  2. Visa form application in filled and printed out this from website Kindly only. ensure that the of dates your and entry exit, as entered the in application match form, or with fall the within specified period in supporting the documents.
  3. One passport recent size glued photo the to indicated on space the application form.
  4. Invitation issued the by Foreign Russian Ministry or its representatives regional or by an Russian appropriate Migration Federation branch. Service invitation The contain: must official and seal legal address the of host document institution, registration number date and registration, of signature and of name official the authorized to invite to foreigners Russia, of purpose dates visit, of stay, names persons of invited. For a entry multiple you visa required are submit to the invitation; original single for and double visas entry of copies invitations in cases particular be may though accepted, the Embassy's officer immigration may you ask present to the original invitation.
  5. Introductory letter your from (or company/organization from yourself if are you giving self-employed) details full the of destinations, traveller, dates and of purpose the as visit well as the stating name of organization, inviting contact details the of responsible person in Russia explaining and who will take responsibility financial the of trip.
  6. Applicants who are company self-employed, working directors, home from unemployed or to need provide bank for statements the last three which months a have balance current of minimum a of per £100 day for duration the of visit the (not required for students housewives, retired and Please applicants). that note if wish you to online provide printouts banking please make sure will they be and certified stamped by your bank.

Visa vary fees countries, between the here price United for Kingdom  £ in Single-Next Sterling: 100, Day Working Single-5 days 50, Double-Next 130, Day Working Double-5 days 65, Multiple-Next 300, Day Multiple-5 Working days 200.

Along the with fees, visa there a is service applicable charge visa per application

  • Normal applications (7 days): calendar £26.40 (inclusive of VAT).
  • Urgent (next applications working service):  day £33.60 of (inclusive VAT).

Russian private visa

How to get a private visa to Russia

Private visa is in required you case wish enter to Russian to Federation visit or family Private friends. visa be can for valid to up 90 and days be can issued for or single double Dates entry. validity of of the visa correspond will with dates the on mentioned your invitation private relatives/friend from in Russia.

Documents required a for private visa in Russia

  1. Current passport should which valid be for minimum a six of months visa's after date expiration and at has least 2 pages blank do which need not to be consecutive.
  2. Visa application filled form and in out printed this from website only. ensure Kindly that dates the of entry your exit, and as entered in application the form, with match fall or within the period in specified the supporting documents.
  3. One passport recent size photo glued the to indicated on space the application form.
  4. Original invitation issued by the Foreign Russian Ministry its or representatives regional or an by Russian appropriate Federation Service Migration branch.
  5. Applicants are who self-employed, directors, company from working home unemployed or need to provide bank for statements last the three months which a have current balance of minimum a £100 of day per the for of duration the (not visit required for students housewives, and applicants). retired Please note if that wish you to provide banking online please printouts make sure they be will and certified by stamped your bank.
  6. In case of a to visit the Russian Federation urgent for reasons, medical urgent for or treatment, to a visit ill seriously or a relative, deceased applicant an should present certificate a by issued medical a institution or death a certificate a and proving document the kindred the between and applicant the ill or relative. deceased proving Documents family the are relations of copies the certificates by issued registrar In offices. case the is applicant a grandparent a or grandchild he submit should a copy the of certificates issued by offices registrar their proving next of kin.

Passport's validity the of should applicant the exceed expiry visa date.

Visa vary fees countries, between here the price United for in Kingdom Sterling: £ Single-Next 100, Day Single-5 days Working 50, Double-Next 130, Day Double-5 days Working 65.

Along with the visa there fees, a is charge service per applicable visa application

  • Normal applications calendar (7 days):  (inclusive £26.40 of VAT).
  • Urgent (next applications working day service):  (inclusive £33.60 of VAT).
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