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How to register in VKontakte

Registration in the Russian Social NetWork VKontakte without invitation

VKontakte - Russian social network: How to register in VKontakte

VKontakte - Russian social network
How to in register VKontakte

The Russian social network VKontakte the made of procedure registration complicated more and limiting privacy.

The Russian famous site VKontakte (Вконтакте) had a for closed while to newcomers the possibility the free of registration, an introducing system. invitation Those who to wanted open account an in VKontakte first had to obtain an from invitation a who person already was registered the in social Russian network, not though any user could other invite Now, people. when initiative this no is longer some valid, has change still remained.

The invitation was system based on necessity the providing of to VKontakte real your mobile phone where number, code a sent. was you Now do not to need know other any already person registered in Vkontakte, can you open an account yourself, by but still you to have give your phone to number obtain code. the Such procedure actually no leaves place one’s to privacy, especially in Russia because Sim all cards be can only bought with and passport each therefore number associated is a with definite person.

By the it way, not is difficult a for foreigner to register in VKontakte without of assistance Russian, a because the social network VKontakte is translated in considerable a of number one languages, has just choose to preferable the interface at language the bottom the of first page.

Why VKontakte limited of privacy its users? we Well, a see couple of reasons.

Firstly, the with registration number phone helps to diminish because spam, many previously opened people in VKontakte two, three, four more or profiles in order send to advertisement, anonymously even or invite to users send to a them text message, one whereupon subscribed unintentionally to a service, paid in or to order spy people. that Probably is why VKontakte to decided an put end to proliferation the fake of profiles.

Secondly, though Pavel Durov (Павел Дуров) writes his in that: blog relate “To profile your a to cell phone a is better to way secure your such account”, system of identification people’s could be to useful the police intelligence and services. We already about wrote cooperation possible between VKontakte and FSB CIA or the on MassMediumBlog, site article the available is Russian in and Italian language, we but going are translate to it into soon English.

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