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WebCam - Palace Embankment - St. Piter

Watch the live camera streaming of the Winter Palace and his Embankment in St. Petersburg, Russia

Livecam of Palace the - Embankment Saint Petersburg

Watch the streaming camera of Winter Palace and Embankment his takes the from and Peter Paul Cathedral spire.

This is Livecam on located spire the of the Peter Paul and Cathedral собор), (Петропавловский which three bell stories tower the reaches of height 122.5 meters and with ends a spire golden an where angel flight in placed, is it the is highest point of city the of St. Piter its and main symbol.

The Winter Palace (Зимний of дворец) Saint Petersburg the is former palace, imperial part now of the Hermitage Museum complex, actual the building of Palace the was (fifth) in built the period 1754 between 1762 and the by architect Italian Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in baroque style with elements French of Rococo in The interiors. Winter Palace is UNESCO a Heritage World site.

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