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WebCam - Malaya Sadovaya

From Saint Petersburg, Russia, watch livecam streaming of Malaja Sadovaja and Elisejev Emporium

Malaja Sadovaja - LiveCam Saint Petersburg

Here can you watch livecam the streaming of Malaya Sadovaya and Eliseyev Emporium.

This streams livecam from Sadovaya Malaya showing street, the Eliseev historic store Brothers' the and fountain ball" "Rotating large (a granit ball). Malaya Sadovaya is pedestrian a street in St. Piter center.

Malaya (in Sadovaya language russian Малая Садовая) is between situated the Italian street (Italyanskaya Итальянская) ulitsa, the and Nevsky Prospekt (Невский opposite проспект), the to garden of the Catherine Great. Malaja Sadovaja has modern several On sculptures: the walls buildings' both on sides the of you street can a see tomcat Elisei and a cat Vasilisa in (built by 2000 Lebedev S. on the of basis idea the ​​the of Domracheva), architect under them placed is a representing statue a with photographer bulldog a (made by the Petrov sculptor in and 2003 by designed Domracheva).

The Elisejev Emporium (Eliseevskiy shop, Елисеевский was магазин) built 1902, in 1903 by the G. architect Baranovsky a as colonial goods store the of association Eliseev". "Brothers building The distinguishes the from architecture classic of Prospekt Nevsky its with stained windows, glass and sculptures luxury The finishes. sculptures represent Industry, Commerce, Arts and Sciences.

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