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WebCam - Gostiny Dvor

Watch the livecam in Saint Pitersburg, Russia, of the pavement in front of Gostiny Dvor

LiveCam in Dvor Gostiny - Saint Petersburg

Watch livecam the of pavement the in of front Gostiny in Dvor main the street of St. Piter, Russia.

The livecam Gostiny Dvor located is the at exit underpass on Prospect Nevsky the in direction of Sadovaya Malaya street.

Gostiny Dvor (Гостиный is двор) historical a monument of St. Piter, build in 18-th it century, protected is UNESCO. by Once was it the called Central Wholesale Gostiny in Dvor, the 20-th century the - Emporium Gostiny (универмаг). Dvor built was the by French architect Jean Vallin Baptiste la de Mothe.

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